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The Best of My Ex Girlfriend Advice

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After 5 years and 50+ posts, the time has come to archive this blog. The good news is that all of the tips and ideas will remain here for everyone to read. The thing you won’t see from this point forward are new posts. Quite frankly, I don’t think there is much to add that hasn’t been covered already. So instead of rewriting information that already exists, I thought it made more sense to simply outline my posts in a more readable fashion.

As much as the world around us changes, the rules of love and relationships have stayed the same for hundreds of years. While we now use tools like email, text messages, and facebook to communicate with each other, our pursuit of the opposite sex still follows the path defined by historic romances like Romeo and Juliet or even Adam and Eve.

The point is, there are simple needs all women have that, if not fulfilled, will lead them to pursue another partner. Ideally guys would recognize this before their girlfriend leaves, but the truth is that many men get lazy and have let things spiral out of their control. And that lands them here – looking for ways to get back the love they once had.

The challenge to fixing a relationship after a breakup (as opposed to before getting dumped) is that you now have to prove your ex wrong. Instead of simply apologizing for your mistakes, you have to prove that she made the wrong decision to leave. In other words, you are asking her to accept that her response to your behavior was irrational.

This means you are fighting a war on two fronts: your mistakes and her pride. Not only do you need to show signs that your relationship can improve, but you’ll also need her to symbolically admit she was wrong. As hard as it all this may seem, thousands of couple get back together every day – so don’t give up!

Here are my favorite posts from over the years. Hopefully you’ll find some advice that helps you attract your ex girlfriend back…

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The Best of My Ex Girlfriend Advice

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