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Your Breakup Was a Warning

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Instead of taking the standard approach of depression and despair after being dumped, you should distinguish yourself by accepting it as a challenge. Not only will this help motivate you on the way to getting your ex girlfriend back, but you might just spark her attraction by showing her that you got the message loud and clear.

Here’s the deal on breakups…nine times out of ten they are the result of a festering problem. It is up to you to figure out what the problem was, but I can tell you that boredom, money, and quality time are some of the common ones. Now somewhere along the way your ex girlfriend got sick of waiting for you to fix the problem. Maybe she talked to you about…or perhaps she was justing waiting for you to get off your butt and make a change. When nothing happened she sent you a final warning by leaving.

Obviously you missed the boat on her needs the first time, so now is your chance to make amends. Yes it is going to be harder this time around, but in reality that’s your fault. The real question is…are you ready to accept the challenge? Do you want to change your lifestyle in ways that will better accommodate her needs?

Every girl has a unique set of dreams and desires. If you truly love your ex then it is up to you to satisfy these wants. Maybe she wants a guy with a good job and plan for the future. Then again, maybe she just wants someone to make her feel safe and confident. Whatever her needs, you have the power to make it happen…but only if you want to.

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Your Breakup Was a Warning

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