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Yes, Your Ex Boyfriend Follows Your Social Profile

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I am surprised by the number of women who treat their facebook and twitter accounts like a poster of desperation after getting dumped. Not only do those psycho-desperate-needy updates scare your ex away, but they also make your friends think twice before calling you back.

Here’s the deal… the only way to legitimately get your ex back is through attraction and curiosity. Quoting sad breakup songs on twitter is not attractive, and it certainly leaves no mystery to the way you feel. In short, negative emotional posts get negative results. No one wants to hang out with the depressed girl, so don’t think you are winning any hearts back by reminiscing about better days.

Facebook, twitter and all of the other social networks can actually work in your favor if you use them the right way. Show your ex boyfriend that you are still living life without them. Post pictures of events you attended and tag friends when you laugh about yesterday’s party.

Remember that positive posts get positive results. We all like to read about the successes of our friends on social sites. This is how you gain a strong following of supporters who can improve your online reputation. You don’t have to message your ex to make your point. Even if they un-friend you they will still see you appear on other friends pages. Just make sure what they see will make them miss you!

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Yes, Your Ex Boyfriend Follows Your Social Profile

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