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Yes, Your Ex BF Thinks About You

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When you are alone with the reality of being dumped it is easy to begin thinking if your ex is doing the same. Is he thinking about you? Does he wish things would go back to the way they were?

The answer to questions like these is “yes”…but your ex boyfriend is reflecting on your relationship in a different way. Instead of longing for the past, he is thinking about “what could have been”. You see, when your BF dumped you it was because his attraction to you had disappeared. What was fun and exciting back in the day has since become boring and predictable.

Now when he thinks about you or compares you to another girl it is in terms of your positives AND negatives. Yes, there are several things he still loves about you, but somewhere the cons outweighed the pros. If you can find away to re-balance his perception of you then the attraction will grow back.

Believe it or not, the fastest way to do this is not necessarily by fixing the negatives. In most scenarios you can succeed by drawing attention to your positives as long as you have something new to offer. There needs to be a new challenge for him to accept…a new reason to love you even more this time. Think about your life as a whole and change your expectations. Stop settling for average when you know there is so much more you want to do!

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Yes, Your Ex BF Thinks About You

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