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Win Her Friends Over

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Girls form pretty strong bonds between their friends, and they tend to talk much more openly about their relationships than guys do. Because of this, it is likely that your ex girlfriend’s buddies know a lot about you. They know why she loved you, but they also know why you broke up. This information can be dangerous if you try fight against her friends.

If you are suffering through a tough breakup then her friends are probably against you. They want their friend to be happy and so they see you as the enemy. You might get the “evil eye” or a snide giggle when you around them…just expect it. What you don’t want to do is give them anymore reason to hate you. Calling them out will only make things worse. Instead, you should be as nice to them as possible. Use some of the same tactics on them as you would your ex girlfriend. Little things like compliments can help you break down the some of the many barriers between you and your ex.

Winning back your ex girlfriend involves all facets of her social circles. She has to feel comfortable around you if you are going to succeed. This is why you need her friends on your side.

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Win Her Friends Over

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