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Win Her Back from Another Guy

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Competition can definitely add stress to the dating game, but if you really love your ex girlfriend than competition should bring out the best in you. If you know she has found another guy then you should be prepared to work a little harder to win her back. But in the end it really does not change anything about your situation. She left you and you want another shot…whomever else is involved is irrelevant.

The first thing you should realize is that girls often go out with the first guy who is nice to them after a break up. They are tired of all the fighting and name-calling that likely occurred at the end of your relationship. So the first “normal guy” that steps up to them has a good shot at landing a few dates. This doesn’t mean they are in love with them. What they really wanted was something different for a change. Keep that in mind when you are sizing up the other guy.

The key to stealing your ex back is to make sure you are getting attention from them. Now is the time to always look your best and go out of your way to make a good impression. If she isn’t talking to you then get closer with her friends. Change your hairstyle, start working out, and invest in some new clothes. Make her see that you are still a hot commodity in the dating world.

At some point you are going to have to talk your way back into her life. The best approach is play it cool and totally ignore the other guy. If she says something about him then blow it off and redirect the conversation back to how much you miss her company. Tell her that she was the best girlfriend you ever had and let her know the door is still open. You don’t want to beg for anything. Instead you need to leave her wanting more. The harder you make it for her to come back the more attraction you will build.

Getting your ex girlfriend back from another guy isn’t any different from winning her back if she was single. If anything, it might be a positive because some girls want to take a break after the end of a relationship. If your ex if dating someone else then at least you know she is looking for a partner. Now you just need to turn her attention back to you ;)

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