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Why Did Your Ex Girlfriend Date You?

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The most important part of getting your ex back is creating attraction between you. That being said, this can also be the most difficult task since it requires creativity and planning. A lot of people give up before they even try to re-attract their ex. If they don’t succeed by begging for another chance (which rarely works btw) then they figure all hope is lost.

But did you know the secrets to attracting your ex girlfriend are easy to discover? It all goes back to the first weeks and months of your relationship. What was it that brought you together in the first place? It is easy to say there was a physical attraction, but in reality that only took you so far. There had to be a personality element involved or else you would not have gotten past the first couple of dates.

Think back to your time together and try to picture all of the things you said or did that made her smile. Also think about the things you loved to do together. These are the secrets to getting her back in your life. The more you can replicate the good times from the past, the better your chances will be in the future.

Now you will need to spin all of these ideas in a creative way. Just making her laugh for example is not going to get the job done. Try to repackage the ideas in a way that will call her attention to you. For example, if you were good at making her laugh then maybe a friendly/funny card or text would help you get your foot in the door. You aren’t going to make her fall in love right away, but anything that takes away from the stress and animosity is a good thing.

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Why Did Your Ex Girlfriend Date You?

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