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Why Did She Leave You?

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The most overwhelming feeling after you have been dumped is helplessness. Many guys are completely confused as to why they were dumped, and this leads to frustration and low self-esteem. These feelings create a panic mode where they do stupid things to try and get their ex back. But you don’t have to go crazy in order to win back love. In fact, the more you stay cool and focused the better your results will be.

No matter how confusing your ex girlfriend’s actions may have been, unless you understand the real reason they left you won’t know how to fix the relationship. You may find out that they left you for another man. This is hard to swallow but it doesn’t mean you can’t get them back in your life. The bottom line is you have to attack the problem at its source. Not understanding what went wrong leaves you blindly throwing darts at a wall.

In most situations there are 5 main reasons you got dumped. Sometimes there is more than one cause, but more than you likely you can guess which one was the most serious. Think about what caused things to get to the breaking point and brainstorm ideas for reversing the damage. You may have to pull some gimmicks to get her to talk to you again, but once you are in you will need to concentrate on the main issues. No amount of flowers, gifts or begging will solve your problems until you get her to see that you have made changes to fix the biggest conflict between you.

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Why Did She Leave You?

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