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Why Confidence and Composure Matters

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Eventually the time will come when you’ll see your ex boyfriend in public for the first time. A lot of people freak out about this moment. What should you do? What should you say? Well, for as much anxiety and anticipation that goes into the event you might think I’d have a list of 20 things for you follow. That is not the case.

The absolute best thing you can do when you see him for the first time is be confident and friendly. Now your friends are probably going to tell you to ignore him or scream at the other girl he is with, but what do you think that will do to your chances of getting back together? That’s right, it will ruin them.

Think about how mortified you would be if your ex came up to you at a party and started yelling in your face. Not only would you be frightened but you’d probably want to disappear to avoid all the embarrassment. And if you dumped your ex, how likely is it that you would give them another shot after they acted like psychopath? Hopefully the answer is zero.

There is no reason to run for cover if you see your ex boyfriend in public. In fact, you should take the opportunity to get some face time with them. Just don’t go overboard. Simply walk up, say hello and ask them how things are going. Introduce yourself to their friends or date if it makes sense to do so. In other words, be yourself. Show them that you can be happy and confident on your own. Doing this is much more attractive than causing a scene.

Here’s a a short video with more tips for when you see your ex.

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