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Where to start after she dumps you.

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Breakup news can come without warning and the surprise factor alone can be enough to make your head sin. You are left to wonder how your girlfriend became your ex girlfriend, and if there is anything you can do to fix the relationship. If you recently were dumped, then you will need to come up with a strategy fast to win her back. Here are some quick tips.

Be Seen
It is not the best idea to harass your ex girlfriend and beg her to come back. A better alternative is to make her want you back. The best way to go about this is to make her see you at your best. Go to parties and social spots where you know she will be. Say hi and be cordial, but don’t make things uncomfortable. Make her see you having fun and being sociable with others. She’ll soon realize how big of an impact you had on her social life.

Improve Yourself
Now is the time to start working out and following your dreams. If you have been talking about going to school or getting a new job, then now is the time. Your ex girlfriend will soon hear about the new you, and she will be impressed with your commitments. Even if she doesn’t notice your hard work, the new you will be more likely to attract a another girlfriend!

Build a Friendship without Saying the F-Word
Getting your ex back usually means reestablishing a broken relationship. This is not something that happens overnight, and it typically requires starting at the friend level first. That is OK…just don’t promote the word “friends”. As long as she is talking to you then progress is possible. What you don’t want to happen is her becoming comfortable with you as friend. Take it slow, but keep the feelings of passion and attraction in the background at all times.

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Where to start after she dumps you.

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