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What to Say to Get your Ex Boyfriend Back

February 12, 2008 by  
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Many people who are desperate after a break up search the internet for a magic phrase they can say to their ex to win them back. They want to fix weeks or months worth of arguing by finding a quick solution that will return everything back to normal. The reality is it isn’t really about what can do as much as what you shouldn’t do.

There are so many powerful emotions that surround a broken relationship this makes it risky to jump right in and approach your ex boyfriend. Not only are they still trying to come to terms with what happened, but you are probably still recovering from the shock of being dumped. For this reason it is best to let the dust settle before taking any actions that might makes things worse.

Unfortunately for you, your ex will hold most of the leverage in the post-break-up time period. You will have to adapt to their feelings if you are going to be successful in winning their trust and love again. To avoid the common mistakes that can kill your chances, start by reading this quick list of 10 Ways to Blow It with Your Ex

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What to Say to Get your Ex Boyfriend Back

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