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What Does Your Ex Girlfriend Want?

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Fixing a break up is a lot like like solving a mystery. For every reason you know why your ex girlfriend left you, there are usually a handful of other reasons you don’t know. Sadly, most people don’t have the heart to tell an ex lover the full reason they left. They either don’t think the other person can handle it, or they simply don’t want to cause any more conflict. But as delicate as your self-esteem may be, it is crucial to find all of the reasons your ex left. Here are some you may not be aware of.

If she doesn’t trust you then her life with you will always be filled with stress and anxiety. Think back to your time together and see if you can identify any incidents when you let her down. If you have already thought of some, then you desperately need to find a way to rebuild the trust between you.

This one may not be as obvious but it is important. Did you have FUN together? Long term relationships can get boring if we are not creative. If you spent the majority of your nights together watching movies or playing video games then it is likely she is looking for more excitement in her life You need to impress her with a fun night that will prove how much fun you can be. Here’s a hint…skip the movies.

If your love life became stale near the end of your relationship, then your break up may have been the result of a lack of passion. This is not something you can fix overnight, but you can start the rebuilding process right away. The key is to be romantic and build her curiosity. Don’t throw yourself at her. Put some thought into a long-term romantic strategy and keep her on her toes. Once you have caught her interest you need to keep teasing her so that the passion will build.

These are just some of things that girls rarely bring up when the break up with guys. It usually isn’t because they aren’t aware of the problem, but rather, they don’t want to hurt your feelings or spark a confrontation. This is why you’ll need to be honest with yourself and do some detective work. You’ll never be able to get your ex girlfriend back unless you know exactly why they left.

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What Does Your Ex Girlfriend Want?

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