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What Does Your Ex Girlfriend Want in a Man?

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The simple truth behind your ex girlfriend leaving was that she wasn’t getting what she wanted from your relationship. Sure there are many different excuses she might have used to breakup with you, but in the end no one leaves a relationship they are satisfied with.

One easy way to identify your short-comings is to look at the things most women want from a man. Not all of them will apply to your specific situation and some of them are difficult to achieve, but keep these ideas in mind as you try to win your ex back:

(Note: this is a random collection of survey findings I gathered from around the internet for entertainment purposes only.)

- The majority of women want to date a college educated man.
- The “ideal man” is about 6 foot tall and weighs 175 pounds.
- Over 60% list physical fitness as an important quality in a dating partner.
- Only 28% of women DO NOT care how much their man earns.
- Women think men look most appealing in designer jeans with a white t-shirt.
- Women rate desire for home and children much higher in importance than men.
- Only 1% of women would date a man who hates pets.
- Traits that women hate in men: hiding emotions, dishonesty, selfishness, and abusiveness.
- Most common reasons women ended a relationship: lack of commitment, cheating, and selfishness.

Maybe you see some things on this list that you can work on to save your relationship (or your next one). While this was a very simplified look at the things women want from men, chances are your ex girlfriend has spent time thinking some of them. Use this to your advantage when you are trying to win back their attention.

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What Does Your Ex Girlfriend Want in a Man?

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