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What are you wating for?

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Wondering why your ex girlfriend broke up with you? It might be related to the fact that you are still sitting around wishing she would come back.

Taking action is an important step in getting your ex girlfriend back. Everyday you sit in misery, just hoping things will get better is a waste of time. Not only does it prove that you are just a dreamer, but it also reinforces the decision she made to leave you. If you are going to win back your lover, then you have to be willing to work hard and prove yourself. No one is going to take you back just so they can sit through the same problems they have already freed themselves from.

Coming up with a gameplan should be your #1 priority. You should have a unique idea for everyday that will bridge the gap between you and your ex. For those of you who had tough breakups, this could be as simple as establishing communication. You may get shut down the first couple of tries, but this is where the “hard work” comes in. Get Freakin Creative! Grab her attention and let her know that things are different. Do something that says “I have learned from my mistakes.” Slowly build upon your progress and remember that each day you are getting a little closer.

Not the creative type? Visit Get Your Ex Back for step-by-step instructions on how to win back love.

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What are you wating for?

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