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Was Your Ex Girlfriend a Hunter or a Gardener?

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You have probably heard others use the term “comfort zone” to describe repeated activities and situations that make us feel confident about ourselves. Knowing your limits, both socially and physically, is important to ensure happiness but it can have adverse effects as well. If you feel like your ex girlfriend broke up with you to “move on” with her life then perhaps your comfort zone killed the relationship.

Think of your relationship in terms of repetition. Did you always do the same activities with the same friends? How often did you try new things that you ex girlfriend suggested? The reason for thinking about these questions is because the most loving relationships grow and change over time. Your ex may have come to a point where she felt like she needed to leave you in order to realize her own dreams and goals.

Of course only your ex can say if this was indeed the case, but it shouldn’t be hard to recognize if you are a hunter or a gardener. Hunters are always looking for new challenges and opportunities, while gardeners are content to nurture what they already have. If your ex girlfriend had a hunter mentality then she may very well have been turned off by your gardener approach to the relationship.

You don’t need to make changes to your life in order to attract women, but you will need to accommodate the hunters in your life. If you can’t find excitement in new experiences then you should look for a partner who is content with the way things are.

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Was Your Ex Girlfriend a Hunter or a Gardener?

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