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Using Patience and Control to Get Him Back

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In most cases the key to winning your guy back is patience. Some women screw up their chances of getting back together with their guy by being too forward, clingy or by throwing a fit if he does not want to get immediately back together. He did not want to hear you complain, or see you sob your eyes out when he was dating you, why in the world would you think that this technique would work now?

Also, men find unavailable women desirable. Throwing yourself at him actually makes you less valuable in his eyes.

Why would he want to get back together with someone like that?

Instead, let him know that you would like to still be his friend. Do not bring up past issues or act bitter in any way. You must appear to be happy and enjoying your life. No needy pleas for him to come back.

He will be expecting you to either be angry or upset. Don’t prove him right. Do the unexpected.
Be there as his friend and as a good listener when he and his new girlfriend inevitably argue. Lend a sympathetic ear. If she is just a rebound girlfriend he may begin to remember all the reasons why he dated you in the first place. Never speak badly of her to him, allow him to do that. You are just being really sweet and supportive.

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Using Patience and Control to Get Him Back

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