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Use Men’s Desires to Get Them Back

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Men are not all the same, but there are plenty of things that they all seem to like. Knowing the desires of your ex boyfriend can help you win them back into your life.

You can’t change the body that God gave you, but you can optimize what you have. Show your ex how hot you can be by looking your best. This doesn’t mean you have to dress differently, but it does mean you should put in the maximum effort to catch his eye. Dress every day like it is your first date together. This will gurantee that he notices you.

Now that you are looking your best it is time to make him feel good. Don’t go overboard, but a couple of nice compliments will go a long way. Even simple comments like “I like that shirt” or “Nice haircut” may seem petty, but men are just as anal as women regarding their appearance. Compliments also work well because they break down the stress in communication.

Playing Hard to Get
It might seem odd to try this since you are the one pursuing him, but it plays into the theory of wanting what we can’t have. Be flirty and cute when you around your ex, but know when to walk away at the right time. Leaving him begging for more will turn the tables on your situation.

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Use Men’s Desires to Get Them Back

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