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Understand That Girlfriends and Relationships Change

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There are countless reasons why a breakup can occur, but a common denominator you see in long term relationships is change. As life goes on you and your ex girlfriend go through many changes. Maybe you met in high school and now she is in college. Perhaps one of you got a new job that demands more time away. The list is endless, and it doesn’t take much to upset the expectations you have for each other.

If any of this sounds familiar to your situation ask yourself how you feel about the changes. This is going to be the best place to begin after getting dumped. Can you handle the changes life has brought to your relationship? Do you see you and your girlfriend ever working things out under the current circumstances?

These are important questions to answer before trying to get your ex girlfriend back. If one side refuses to make sacrifices then the outlook is not good. If you are the one set in your ways then you have no choice but to accept the outcome. However, if your ex is being stubborn you can try to change their mind. This of course will not be easy, but if you can find out what your ex really wants you might be able to coerce them back.

People tend to look at breakups as an action that occurred at a specific day or time. In reality though a breakup is the end result of one or more problems that were never solved. This is why there are no simple fixes for a breakup…they are all different in some way.

Look back at the changes you and your ex girlfriend have been through lately. How were they handled? Is it possible that something could have been done to satisfy both sides? Even if you blame her for everything you’re going to have to satisfy her needs if you want to win her back.

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Understand That Girlfriends and Relationships Change

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