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Tips to Impress Your Ex Boyfriend

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If you are going to get your ex boyfriend back then you need to grab their attention. Creating a high level of attraction between you is the fastest way to win them back. But you won’t have much success building attraction if he doesn’t even know you are in the room, which is why you’ll need to make a good impression at every possible opportunity. Here as some tips to help you impress your ex boyfriend…

Make a Change
The easiest way to get attention is to make a change in your appearance. Whether that be changing your hair, improving your figure, or going for a complete makeover. Just keep in mind that you want to IMPRESS your ex. Blue hair might get their attention but it certainly won’t impress them. One way to think of ideas is to ask yourself what would get your ex’s friends talking? If you can stir up his friends then you know it will put you back on his radar.

Don’t Be Shy
The whole game of who should talk to who first after a breakup is petty at best. If you want to make a lasting impression then just walk up to him and say “hi”. You don’t need any crazy pick-up lines. A simple how-do-you-do is plenty for your first chat. And don’t be afraid to flirt a little…guys like a little role reversal every now and then. The bottom line is you can impress him by just being yourself. In some cases the ex is just waiting for a sign that you still want things to work out. Imagine if you missed out on that because you were too scared to talk!

Live Your Life
The best thing you can do while waiting for your ex to come back is live a happy life. Don’t wait around for him to call when your friends are out having fun. You need to be seen in the social world if you want him to think about you. People who stay depressed and shut-in after a break up never get what they want because no one wants to be around them. You have to prove yourself to be a catch if you want to get your ex boyfriend back.

Tips to Impress Your Ex Boyfriend

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