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Tips to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back If He Has a New Girlfriend

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Just because your ex boyfriend is dating someone new doesn’t mean all hope is lost for getting back together. For starters, rebound relationships rarely last because they are based almost exclusively on looks or lust. Whatever the reason was for why your ex dumped you, their new girlfriend is likely just being used to satisfy their immediate needs. The chances of them building a strong interpersonal friendship with them are not very good.

As simple as it sounds, the best way to get your ex boyfriend back under these circumstances is to simply be yourself and enjoy life. You shouldn’t waste time trying to size up your competition because they really have nothing to do with you and your ex. In fact, you can make a bigger statement about yourself by ignoring her or politely introducing yourself.

Keep in mind that your main objective here is to steal your ex back. To be successful you’ll need to show your ex everything they are missing by not being with you. This is why you want be seen smiling and having fun with your best friends. Facebook is a good tool for showing off your social status activities. Post regular updates and pictures of yourself as if you are having the time of your life. The idea of course is to prove you don’t need a boyfriend to have fun.

Don’t shy away from interacting with your ex during this time. Remember that you wan them to notice you. Bump into them whenever possible and maintain a positive and slightly flirtatious tone of conversation. This can really mess with their mind because they expect you to be bitter and depressed after your breakup.

If you can build up your social popularity while keeping your ex’s attention you will eventually generate some attraction from them. When this starts to happen you want to drag it out and keep them wanting more. Don’t fall for the temptation of hooking up with your ex before they have committed to you. Your best asset is being the one thing they can’t have. If you give-in too early then you will become nothing more than their hookup call.

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