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Things to Ask Your Ex Boyfriend

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It is natural to get anxious and impatient if you are struggling to fix a break up with your ex boyfriend. After all, you know exactly what you want from the relationship. But if all of your efforts to win him back are going unnoticed, then it may be time to confront some of the tough questions.

Do you trust me?
This is a big question, especially if your relationship has been affected by cheating. Trust is the primary building block of a good relationship, and without it things will not get very far. If you get a negative response to this question then you need to think about why they think that way. From there you will need to come up with creative strategies to win the trust back. Unfortunately, this usually takes a fair amount of time.

Do you still find me attractive?
The answer you receive from this question can be devastating if it comes back negative. Thus you need to be mentally prepared for the possibilities. Physical attraction can turn even the lamest relationship into a romance and it makes things much easier to rebuild what you had. For that reason, hearing a “yes” to this question is great news for the future.

Do you still love me?
This question poses the biggest risk and reward, but it can give you a good idea where things stand. Obviously you want hear “yes”, but you should also be satisfied with an “I’m not sure”. Essentially, anything but the answer “no” means there is still a chance.

Remember that you should only bring these things up after you have given everything else your best shot. You could severely hurt your chances of getting your ex back if you are too aggressive. However, if you just can’t seem to close the deal, then you may need to be more upfront with him.

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Things to Ask Your Ex Boyfriend

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