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The Secrets to a Happy Girlfriend

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Many guys tend to outthink themselves when they are trying to win back their ex girlfriend. They look back on their relationship and try to identify all of the things they did wrong that led them to being dumped. This is a loser mentality because it focuses on the negatives instead of concentrating on the most important thing – which is making their girlfriend happy. If you can make a woman happy then no one will ever be able to compete with you for her heart. By satisfying her fundamental needs you will win her back forever.

Safety and Security
Your girlfriend has to feel confident and secure around you. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a heavyweight boxer who knocks out every guy who looks at her. Security comes in many different forms. There is the emotional security of knowing she can share all of her thoughts with you. There is the trust she must have that you will always be honest and not take advantage of her love. Last but not least, you have to make her feel safe and confident in her life. Whether it is money concerns or family problems, you have to be the one she will lean on when times get tough.

Excitement and Adventure
It is easy to become complacent in a relationship and take tings for granted, but in order to keep the flames of passion burning strong you have to be spontaneous and exciting. We all have things in life we would like to try, and the longer your girlfriend wonders what life would be like without you the harder it is to get her back. Don’t rely on the same romantic efforts to work for every occasion. Mix things up and help her to expand her life experiences. Never let her get bored to the point she questions your relationship.

The most fulfilling lives are filled with constant cycle of goal achievement. The most common goals are centered on school, career, family, and personal dreams. Find ways to help you girlfriend achieve her goals. Celebrate her achievements and give her encouragement to reach her expectations. In some cases she will only need your emotional support, but other times you might have to do more. In any case, she will slowly begin to believe she can do anything with you by her side. This is where your relationship will truly flourish.

Why did your ex girlfriend leave you? Most likely it is because you failed at one or more of these simple things. But instead of wasting time looking back on where you went wrong, work on ways to show her they you understand her needs and start to rebuild the trust you have lost.

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The Secrets to a Happy Girlfriend

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