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Talk About Anything But Love

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Here’s a little secret about communication…rarely do the words we speak get interpreted the way we intended. For example, you might tell a co-worker that you had a bad weekend. For you that means your boyfriend broke up with you, but for them it is probably a red flag to stay away from you for the day.

People are sensitive about their space and influences. No one wants to feel confined or pressured by outside forces…and this is exactly the kind of feeling you impose on your ex when you start talking about LOVE.

If you are lucky enough to get your ex back talking to you again then you must block out the temptation to profess your love for them. It probably feels natural to say “I love you” to someone you have been close to, but keep in mind the pressures in your relationship caused them to leave. Do you really want to waste your chance at getting back together by making things stressful right from the start?

Your ex probably does still have feelings of love left for you. They care about you, and wish you the best in life. However, it will take some time after the breakup before they will feel comfortable being in love again.

In the meantime, you should enjoy any time you have together. Keep things positive and have fun. Good relationships survive because the good times outweigh the bad times. This is your opportunity to create a happy and stress-free “vibe” that will attract him back over time.

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Talk About Anything But Love

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