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Staying Positive

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It can be so easy to stay depressed after a break up. Your friends and family members all feel sorry for you and the extra attention can be comforting. But in the long run, this “boo-hoo” attitude can ruin your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back.

Girlfriends look to their man to be the strong side of the relationship. Whether or not it is fair, the man is expected to carry the relationship through the tough times. If you think that acting depressed will invoke pity and win back your girlfriend, then you will likely be disappointed. You will probably be viewed as a weak person who can’t provide the emotional support your ex is looking for.

Another reason to focus on positivity is the contagious effect it has on the people you interact with. This is important when trying to get back with your ex. You should appear confident and excited about the prospect of getting back together. You want her to smile and laugh when you are together, not feel sorry for how pathetic you have turned out.

Staying positive throughout the relationship healing process is vital to your chances to fix things. You could compare it to wild animals in that “only the strong survive”. By keeping a positive outlook (or at least faking one) you will come across as a strong and confident person. This will make your ex take notice and be more open to giving you another chance.

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Staying Positive

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