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So You Got Caught Stalking Your Ex Boyfriend…

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The most interesting thing about people who stalk their ex is that 99% of them know they shouldn’t do it. If you asked them what their ex boyfriend would think about their actions, most would agree it would not make him happy. But even those who know better can find the temptation to spy on their ex hard to ignore. In many instances, the thrill of “playing detective” becomes addictive and causes them to cross the line of appropriate behavior. At some point they get caught and their already broken relationship is suddenly on life support.

So what can you do if you get caught stalking your ex boyfriend? Well, the first step is to simply be honest about your actions. The more you try to cover things up with lies and excuses the harder you are going to have to work to win your ex back. It is better to just admit your faults, apologize, and walk away from the whole mess for a while. Obviously your ex is going to be upset and it could be several weeks until they have calmed down enough to start talking with them again.

When it does come time to talk again, one of the best strategies is to inject some humor about yourself. Tell your ex how embarrassed you felt about your actions, and make fun of yourself for all the silly things you did. This should be easy since it really is embarrassing to get caught stalking! Make sure you tell them that the only reason you acted so stupid was because you still had strong feelings for them. Use the word “had” to suggest your feelings are different now. This will make them curious about how you feel now.

From there you will simply have to see how they react to your apology. If they laugh with you when you tell your side of the story then your odds are good for getting another chance. Play along and be patient with everything. Just be happy you are talking again for now, and slowly build up the levels of attraction over a few weeks. Your ex is going to need some time to trust you again after your erratic behavior.

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So You Got Caught Stalking Your Ex Boyfriend…

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