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Should You Involve His Family?

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It may seem like a good idea to get your ex boyfriend’s family involved with your mission to get him back, but there are some things you should consider before going too far.

First you need to think about the perception your ex boyfriend will have of you. He may find your tactics to be invasive of his privacy. Even if you are good friends with his family it is still his family first. You need to respect the fact the he deals with them everyday, and anything you do to affect this relationship may send the wrong message.

The second thing to consider is what exactly do you expect to happen by involving his parents? In your mind you are thinking that they might talk him into giving you another chance. But what if things fall apart? What if they resent the fact that you are using them to get to him? You should think about all of the possible negatives before burning your bridges.

Finally, you need to look into the future. Is it worth it to get your ex back if he had to be convinced to do it? You want a relationship that is built on love and trust. If you can’t make him want you by being you, then maybe the relationship has reached its peak. A forced relationship will eventually fail again in the future.

Your ex boyfriend’s parents might be close to you, but you have to respect the boundaries of family structure. It can be okay to talk to them in some situations, but you should never use them for your own benefit. The easiest way to guard against this is by keeping everyone’s feelings in mind before you speak. If you think it will hurt someone (including yourself), then don’t go there.

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Should You Involve His Family?

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