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Making It Easy to Make Up

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Emotions run so high after a break up that it is often difficult to make good decisions, especially when you finally get the chance to speak to your ex boyfriend. You want to pour your heart out and say all the right things to get another chance at fixing the relationship.

The problem is that most of the things you are want to say (I’m sorry, I love you, etc.) only make things harder on your ex. They don’t feel the same way you do right now, and when you throw out words like “love” it puts them in a bad position. Most boyfriends are not out to destroy your life, they have simply come to a crossroads in their time with you. Apologies and proclamations of your love are words that call for a response…but in this case your ex has nothing positive to say back.

But what if you could take away the pressure and make it easy for your ex boyfriend to make up with you? Choosing the path of least resistance is not necessarily the easy choice when your gut if filled with swirling emotions. However, for the long term it gives you the best chance of getting back with your ex.

Think of it this way…if you had something difficult to tell someone how would you want them to respond? What would your perception of them be if they freaked out about the news? How would it be different if they handled the same news with grace and respect? As you probably see, the latter makes things much easier and leaves things in position for more discussion down the road.

The bottom line is you can give yourself a better chance at making up by simply making things easier on your ex boyfriend. Accept this break up for what it is and give your partner some space. At the very least you will earn their respect and trust…two valuable components that you’ll need to solve your relationship problems.

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Making It Easy to Make Up

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