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Let Her Breakup with You?

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It is a common reaction to try and prevent a break up before it is official. After all, if you still love your girlfriend then why would you want to see them leave? But believe it not, it can sometimes be easier to let your Ex GF walk away and try to repair things later.

In fact, if your relationship has reached a point where your girlfriend wants to separate, then my advice to you is to agree to the breakup. Your biggest mistake would be to try and persuade your ex to stay in the relationship and not to leave you. This psychological strategy is recommended because it surprises your ex, and makes them begin to wonder exactly what is going on.

Another benefit of mutually walking away is that it eliminates one of the biggest barriers to getting your ex back. This has to do with the law of attraction. As you may already know, humans tend to want the things they can’t have and yet often fail to appreciate the things they already have. You can use this to your advantage by making it appear your ex girlfriend does not have a choice in breaking up with you.

Agree to the breakup, let her go and wish them well. From there you need to stay calm and keep your emotions in-check. Yes you are feeling sad, but you have to find a way to deal it in a way that will help you rekindle your relationship in the future. The best place to start is by thinking about what went wrong and identifying what it is your ex really wants.

I know it sounds like a contradiction to let your ex girlfriend go…only to try a win them back later. But if you can see how valuable this strategy is to the psychology of your relationship then you will have no problem trying to capitalize on what appears to be a bad situation.

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Let Her Breakup with You?

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