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How Your Body Language Can Win Him Back

November 21, 2008 by  
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If you have read some of our other posts then you already know how important confidence is when trying to get back with your ex boyfriend. No one wants to spend time with an emotionally unstable person, and this is why you have to portray yourself in a positive way…even if you are hurting inside.

An essential aspect of appearing confident is looking the part. Your body language says a lot about the way you are feeling inside. Keeping your head down and slumping your shoulders makes you look like someone looking for sympathy. This is not the reaction you want from others, especially from your ex. You are trying to attract him to you by making him regret the he ever left. No one is going to regret leaving a person who isn’t strong enough to make it through the tough times.

What you should focus on (no matter how difficult it may be) is to appear confident. Wear your favorite outfits that show off your best features. Keep your head up and look in the eyes of everyone you come in contact with. Most importantly…smile. Positive body language is contagious, and the more you practice looking happy the better you will feel inside. Eventually these feelings will shine on the people you interact with (including your ex) and you will find yourself more comfortable in social situations.

It might be hard to believe, but it really doesn’t matter why your boyfriend left you. If you really want him back then it is as simple as being happy and having fun. When he sees how much fulfilling life can be with you he will start to question his decision to leave. This is when you turn up the charm and make him see that you are the only one he needs in his life.

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How Your Body Language Can Win Him Back

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