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How to Harness Your Ex’s Rebellious Side

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For a lot of women, coming out of a long-term relationship leads to a stretch of rebellion. They start going out to clubs, partying more, and sometimes they’ll even hook up with your friends :o

Obviously this doesn’t help you feel any better after being dumped, but what if there was a way to make it work in your favor? Well there is, but you will need to let loose of your own inhibitions before capitalizing on it.

The premise here is that your ex girlfriend was bored with your old relationship. This launched an insatiable urge for adventure and new experiences. Now it doesn’t mean she won’t return to “normal” after getting it out of her system. In the meantime though you should embrace her wild side. The best way to do that is by joining in the fun.

Let me explain here. So your ex goes out to the club, dances her butt off and has a blast. Meanwhile, you spent the night at home playing video games by yourself. Before you go to bed you send her a message on Facebook saying “I miss you.” The next day she’s online chatting with with her friends about the fun they had. Somewhere in there she sees your lame message. What kind of impact are you making here?

Now let’s say you went out with your friends that night instead of staying home. You had to push yourself to do it, but in the end it felt good to have some fun. You stayed out late and never sent that “I miss you” to your ex. The next day your friends comment on your Facebook page about the good times. Your ex sees you’ve been having fun and letting loose. She begins to wonder if you have already forgotten about her.

Do you see how this can work if you play the right cards? If your ex girlfriend has gone rebellious then the best move is to find your own outlet for adventure. Perception is the key here. If she sees you as a loser then she won’t be coming back anytime soon.

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How to Harness Your Ex’s Rebellious Side

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