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How to Compliment Your Ex Girlfriend

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An easy way to start a conversation with your ex girlfriend is to give her a compliment. Most of the time this works to defuse the animosity left from your breakup. Of course depending on your situation she may still act cold towards you, but typically a compliment will at least give you the opportunity to get a few more sentences in.

The key to using compliments effectively is to make sure they are honest and not too aggressive. Don’t compliment her hair, for example, if you don’t actually notice any change in it. You’ll also want to avoid sexual-type comments that may be offensive. If your not careful then you might end up with a slap to the face instead of a smile!

Here are some compliment ideas to get you back on speaking terms with your Ex GF…

“I really miss talking with you. You’re the only girl I could talk to all day and night.”

“It’s not fair that you break up with me, make feel like dirt, and yet you get more beautiful every day.”

“I know you are mad at me, but I really miss your smile and laugh. If you don’t smile right now then I will be forced to do my magical happy dance until you do.” (note: be prepared to do some dancing :)

“How do you do that? Every time I’m near you I forget all of the bad things in my life.”

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How to Compliment Your Ex Girlfriend

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