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How to Approach Your Ex Boyfriend

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One of the most awkward moments after a break up is the first time you see your ex boyfriend. Your mind is racing with questions like…what should I do?…what do I say? Being uncertain is totally normal, but at some point you will have to challenge your anxieties if you are going to win him back.

The best advice for your first encounter after breaking up is to keep things simple, short, and friendly. You don’t need to recite an award-winning poem or discuss any of the reasons your relationship failed. Instead you just want to open the lines of communication for the future.

The one thing your ex boyfriend is going to feel is a lack of trust for you…no matter what the terms of your break up were. They are going to wonder how you will react to seeing them for the first time. This is why you want to keep things friendly and positive. If you start to bring up the past then they will feel uncomfortable, which might cause them to avoid you down the road.

As strange as it may seem, it can work well to just walk up to them and say “Hi”. This almost always commands a response back, and it immediately breaks down the initial awkwardness of the situation. Follow up your greeting with small talk about work or school and then cut things off by saying “I’ve got to run. Talk to you soon!”.

Now in some cases your boyfriend is still going to be bitter about your past actions (especially if you cheated on him). This is why I would try not to approach them for at least 10 days after the break up…and sometimes longer. Speaking to them is a big first step and you need it go well so don’t jump in if the timing is bad.

As much as it is a big deal to speak to your ex for the first time, it really does not have to be difficult. The key is to keep your conversation short and friendly so they are not intimidated when they see you next time.

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