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How the No Contact Rule Works

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You’ve probably heard of the “no contact rule” if you have been searching the internet for advice on how to get your ex back. It simply states that you should stay away from your ex as long as possible in order to make them miss you.

This is really good advice, especially if you went through a rough breakup. It takes a while for negative feelings to simmer down and even longer for the good memories to surface again. Obviously your gut is telling you to beg and apologize to your ex girlfriend, but none of this will work if they still resent you. So you can see why the no contact rule has its place.

Now I like to throw another element into avoiding contact. I believe you need to stay in their subliminal thoughts and this requires some ninja-like tactics. The short version is getting people in your girlfriend’s inner circle to talk about you. Things like where they saw you, who you were with, and what you were up to.

The good news is you are a guy, which means you’ll be relying on girls to do the gossiping;) The thing is though, you need to do something newsworthy in order to attract the gossip. Does this mean hooking up with someone new? I don’t think that is necessary if you think outside the box. In fact, you might be surprised at how much attention you’ll attract by simply having fun.

What about talking to your ex’s friends? This can be a powerful weapon if you use it correctly. The first rule is never talk about your ex! You are guaranteed to get questions about her, which is when you politely decline with “I’m not here to talk about that.” The best part about having no comment is it can really fuel the rumor mill. But back to her friends for a minute, try having a regular conversation with them. I promise that you will throw them all off their rocker when you end your chat without ever speaking your ex’s name.

I’m rambling a bit here but I hope you see the point. Yes, the no contact rule is recommended. However, you can enhance the power of no contact by keeping your name in the news. Find a way to showcase your assets without exposing your true intentions.

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How the No Contact Rule Works

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