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How Friends Help Get Your Ex GF Back

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The period after a breakup is a lonely time. Your mind is obsessed with your ex and you don’t really care to think about anything else. Even if you have good friends who understand your situation you might be hesitant to spend time with them because all you want to talk about is your ex. Most guys are kind enough to let their friends wallow in sadness for a few days, but after too long they will stop calling until you get yourself together.

It is unlikely that your friends know how you feel about your ex girlfriend and this can make it hard to hang out with them. However, the more you expose yourself to social situations the better you will feel. Yes it will be hard to enjoy yourself in a room where everyone is laughing and joking when you feel so sad. It will also be difficult to hold back your emotions and not talk about your ex. This is part of the healing process…and unless you force yourself to move forward it will take you twice as long to feel better.

So how can your friends help you get you ex girlfriend back? It’s simple really…they will help you go back to being you. Remember that you met most of your buddies before your relationship. The confidence and personality you had back then was partly the result of their influence on you. They helped to bring out traits in you that your Ex GF found attractive. Reconnecting with your friends will help these traits resurface.

If anything else, being around people you like during this time of confusion will be beneficial. It is not always easy to remember what “fun” used to feel like. Getting back in touch with your roots will remind you of the things you enjoyed. This will improve your mood and ultimately change the ways others perceive you. In a perfect world your ex will also notice the return of the “old you” and remember what she is missing.

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How Friends Help Get Your Ex GF Back

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