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GettingYour Ex to Call You Back

March 14, 2009 by  
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Tired of leaving voicemails and text messages for your ex boyfriend only to have them ignore you? Most likely the problem is that your messages do not giving him enough reason to reply.

Think of things from your ex’s perspective for a second. He broke up you with because he wasn’t satisfied with your relationship. If all you do is text him with messages like “I miss you” or “I’m sorry” then he already knows what you have to say. Since he was the one to leave you he almost certainly doesn’t want to sit through a phone call with you crying and begging for forgiveness.

The secret to getting your ex boyfriend to call you is leaving a message that will make him respond. Tell him you have something important to talk to him about, or leave him hanging by saying “there is something you should know…(pause)…never mind, I can’t talk about it right now”.

Do you see how much more intriguing these types of messages are? Capture his curiosity with your messages to make him WANT to call you. Sure you might have to stretch the truth a little, but if you can get him talking to you then you will give yourself a chance to win your ex boyfriend back.

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GettingYour Ex to Call You Back

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