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Get Another Chance with Your Ex Boyfriend

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When we look back on our lives most of us have some moments we’d like to have another chance at. This is especially true with romantic relationships. Whether it was someone you wish you would’ve asked out, or an ex boyfriend you’d like to have another chance with, we’ve all had experiences that we would do differently if given another chance.

But you might not need a time machine if you are trying to get another chance with your EX BF. There are ways to EARN your second chance by simply capturing their interest in you. Here are three great ways to get started…

1. Be Real – Lay It On The Line
So much time after a break up is wasted tiptoeing around your partner trying not to upset him further. But instead of of avoiding the obvious issues, you might be better off bringing them out into the open. If you screwed things up in the relationship then admit to it and make your ex share his feelings. You might even have to aggravate him to get him to open up, but you can’t solve the problems until they are exposed. Sure he may get mad but at least he will be talking to you.

2. Change Your EX BF’s Impression
This is so important, although it is not something that can be done quickly. For whatever reason your ex boyfriend has a different impression of you now compared to when your first met. It doesn’t matter why, but it it is essential you change the way he sees you now. Look at yourself in the mirror and understand what he thinks when he sees you. The answer is different for everyone and only you know what needs to change.

3. Challenge Him
We all know the saying “We want what we can’t have…” and this is totally true in love and break ups. This is the exact reason why begging for another chance after being dumped never works. Your ex needs mental motivation to reopen your relationship. So what can you do to motivate him? Make him an offer he simply can’t refuse. But don’t rest on the sales pitch alone, you have to follow through with your actions or you will lose him again.

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