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Emotions that Attract Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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When thinking about what it will take to get your ex girlfriend to come back, you should change your mindset to that of a salesman. In this case you are selling a better life. Now that may sound like a difficult task at first, but focus only on the short term aspects. You don’t need to promise a lifetime of love and happiness because most of us are only looking ahead to what we will be doing this weekend.

Most of the things that people buy are designed to help them NOW. Only a small percentage of our purchases are made for the long term. With that in mind, you want to target emotions that will bring immediate benefits to your ex girlfriend.

This includes emotions like…

These are high-range emotions that can completely change a person’s thoughts and opinions. They are also somewhat addictive, so the more you can provide improves the odds they will come back again.

On the flip side are negative emotions that we all try to avoid…

Obviously if you are trying to sell a “better life” using these emotions you are going to struggle. This is why taking the pathetic approach to getting a girl back never works out.

Prove to your ex that you can make her feel the highest of highs when it comes to emotions. We all want to feel good inside and if you become the provider of good feelings then she will stick around.

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Emotions that Attract Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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