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Earn the Trust of Your Ex Girlfriend

April 2, 2012 by  
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Once you start talking to your ex girlfriend again you should be careful not to slip into some of your old bad habits. No matter how confident you feel about getting back together, the first month or two after the break up is a fragile time. Earning back her trust is something that will take time but LOSING her trust can happen in matter of seconds.

Here are some essential tips for winning back the trust that was lost during your break up…

1. Give Her Your Full Attention
This might sound obvious but a lot of guys blow it right from the beginning. Look at her when she is talking. Try to understand her viewpoint and give feedback during your conversations. Don’t even think about looking at the other women who walk by when you are together! Seriously, pretend you have blinders on that block everything from your line of sight except for her face.

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