Thursday, June 13, 2024

Don’t Wait for Your Ex

If you find yourself waiting for your ex to do something…whether it be call, wave, or even look at you…then you are wasting time.

Patience is an important part of getting your ex boyfriend back, but too many people confuse patience with fear and procrastination. They are so intimidated to say or do the wrong thing that they choose to do nothing at all. This is a surefire way to lose your chance at winning back love.

For every day that goes by after your break up you should accomplish at least one task that improves your odds to get them back. Some days the focus may be on improving yourself or your situation. Other days you might go out of your way to make sure they notice you. The point is that repairing a broken relationship takes effort, and the task cannot be completed in one day.

One of the traps people fall into is continually search for a “better way” to win back their boyfriend. The Internet is filled with with millions of pages of relationship advice – some of it good but most of it is just regurgitated hearsay. It is easy to get sucked into hours of reading, but more times than not you’ll end right back where you started.

Instead of being an information scavenger you should try being a hunter, who works to make her own destiny with the tools she already has. Remember that doing nothing is worse then trying and failing.

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Don’t Wait for Your Ex

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