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Don’t Talk About Your Weaknesses

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The most successful way to win your ex boyfriend back by building up the attraction level between you. This is done slowly over time as your ex begins to realize what he is missing. Because you are trying to show him why he made a mistake, it is important to hide your weaknesses, since they will not do much to entice him.

Too many people go after their ex with negative energy. They act depressed around them, or they call crying and beginning for another chance. This only makes you look weak from your ex’s standpoint. It also tells him that he can basically have you anytime he wants. This sad, beaten-down approach only highlights your negative points, and does nothing to sell him on your positives.

By trying to get your ex back with positive reinforcement, you will help spin your relationship in a positive light. Focus on smiling and appearing happy no matter how you feel inside. Reflect on the many things that make you special, and find creative ways to highlight them so your ex will notice. Ignore anything negative that comes up in conversation. If he stays persistent on a negative topic, then talk about how it made you both stronger in the end.

By focusing on your strengths, you can help your ex boyfriend realize why he fell in love with you in the first place. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the negatives and we need someone to show us the good points as well. This will be your job as you try to get your ex back. Remind your ex why your relationship was special by showing him that you are the right girl for his future.

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Don’t Talk About Your Weaknesses

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