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Don’t Embarass Your Ex Girlfriend

May 3, 2012 by  
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Embarrassment is a real killer in the quest to win back an ex. And I’m not talking about you being embarrassed for getting dumped. No, what I am referring to is the silly things people try to get another chance with their ex girlfriend.

Stalking, sending flowers, texting too much, etc. These things embarrass your ex. Seriously, how would you like to be sitting at work and suddenly have a huge pile of flowers dropped on your desk. Every single person in the office is going to ask who they are from. What is your ex supposed to say then?

Now imagine if you are at dinner with your parents an someone kept texting you. Someone you are upset with right now. Your parents are going to wonder where all the calls are coming from and ask about them. Do you feel like explaining your dating problems to your parents? No… and neither does your ex.

Use your head and come up with ways to get your ex’s attention without looking like a jackass. Because once you become “embarrassing” you’ll lose any chance of getting her back.

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Don’t Embarass Your Ex Girlfriend

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