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Does Your Ex Girlfriend Still Love You?

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Part of the process for mending a relationship involves taking risks. At some point you will have to risk your humility and reach out to your ex girlfriend without knowing how she will react. This is where a lot of guys fail at getting their ex back. They don’t want to risk being rejected again, so they never get the chance to make things right.

Of course it is a lot easier when you know she still has feelings for you. If your ex girlfriend is still in love with you then your chances of winning her back become much better. But how can you tell if she is still in love with you? Here are some things to look for:

Lots of Questions
If your ex is always asking questions about what you are doing and who you are hanging out with then chances are she still loves you. This behavior shows that you are still on her mind throughout the day. Even if she is supposedly “not talking to you” she may still be checking up on your status through mutual friends. Keep your ears open and ask other people in her social circle if she still talks about you.

Accidental Encounters
This one is not always easy to identify, but if you find that your ex girlfriend is sporadically showing up at the same places where you work or hang out then there may be more to it then just fate. One of the ways to tell is if she actually talks to you when you see each other. Even if it is just a friendly “Hello” it might mean she is sending you a signal to make your move.

Staying Single
If it has been several weeks since your breakup and your ex has not dated anyone new there might still be some fire left in your relationship. You may think she hates you because she doesn’t call, but the fact that she is still single could suggest she is taking some time to think about things. It doesn’t necessarily mean she is going to jump right into your arms if you apologize, but it does prove your love has remained strong enough to keep other guys out of her life.

These are just a few signs that your ex still loves you. Learning to look for clues like this can give you the confidence boost to take the risk of asking for another chance.

But no matter how nice or mean your ex is acting, you will eventually have to put your pride on the line to get her back. You don’t want to look back at your past and realize you missed the opportunity to tell her how you really felt.

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