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Does She Still Love You?

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Even the hardest break ups can be more the result of bad timing as opposed to a change in feelings. So many factors can cause a split in a relationship. Things like money, work, and social influences are some of the most common reasons. Determining what caused your ex girlfriend to leave can give you a good idea of how permanent the break up will be. One thing you want to figure out is if you think she still loves you. If this powerful emotion remains then the future may be brighter than you think.

It is not always easy to tell if she still loves you when you are constantly bickering or avoiding each other, but there here are some things to consider. If the fight was about real-world problems such as money, time spent together, and work then it is likely you connection was only weakened by these issues. The love is still alive beneath these distractions, but there will need to be changes if things are ever going to work out.

If your break up was the result of cheating or criminal activity, then the future is not as bright. These behaviors are an indicator that the trust and respect has been lost in your relationship. This is not to say that it is impossible to overcome their effects, but the feelings of love have dwindled to a point where she is willing to risk your future together. You will have to work smart and creatively to win her back in these circumstances.

There is always potential when love still exists in a relationship. While it may not always be evident when you are fighting with your ex girlfriend, if you preserve this passion for one another than your odds are much better to find a solution. If you are still passionate for her, but fear that the love has been lost, start from the beginning and prove to her that you are still the man of her dreams.

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Does She Still Love You?

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