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Did You Support Your Ex Boyfriend?

July 22, 2007 by  
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One of the most common reasons that boyfriends leave a relationship is that they do not feel appreciated or trusted enough by their partner. This scenario can happen when you fail to do things like support his job, his dreams, or even listen to his onions.

Relationships only work when both sides bring value to the situation. If you constantly nagged your ex boyfriend about his job (even if he wasn’t happy with his career) then you did not help your standing with him. This is also common with dreams and aspirations. Did you support your boyfriends’ plans for the future? Too many girls shoot down their boyfriends dreams by saying it will never work, or it is too expensive. These types of messages are red flags to him that he will never live his dreams while he is with you.

A good girlfriend should support their man on an emotional level. You should be someone they can count on when things are tough. There should also be openness between you where he feels confident to share his future plans and aspirations. Even if his goals seem unlikely, you should encourage his growth and let him find his calling in life. Failing to do these things will only result in scaring him away.

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Did You Support Your Ex Boyfriend?

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