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Did You Smother Your Ex-Boyfriend?

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Finding out why your ex boyfriend left you is an easy way to figure out how to get him back. In some cases the guy simply wanted to have more freedom in the relationship. It wasn’t that he didn’t’ care for you, but he may have ended up feeling like a caged animal. These feelings of relationship claustrophobia may have led him push you away. Here are some signs of smothering that you may be guilty of.

Do you insist that you two spend every weekend together?
For your boyfriend to fully appreciate you, he needs some time to miss you. Remember, too much of a good thing is still too much.

Do you give him alone time?
Everyone needs time to kick back and chill. Your boyfriend will go crazy if you’re in his life twenty-four-seven.

Do you insist that he brings you to every party or event he goes to?
Everyone needs time away from the person that they’re dating. This includes time to relax with friends without the obligation of their significant other.

When your boyfriend wants to go to a party or sports event alone with his friends…and you say OK…do you show up halfway through or at the end?
This is the ultimate sign that you’re smothering him. Not only will this drive him crazy and make you look psycho to his friends, but you’ll also be breaking a bond of trust. Always keep your word when you agree to something.

Do you always come over uninvited or when you’re asked not to?
Realize that your boyfriend might not appreciate your habit of “just showing up”. In your mind, you’re being thoughtful and sweet, but that’s probably not how he sees it.

Do you call him several times a night?
News flash, ladies – most guys don’t like talking on the phone to the same person more than once a day, and this includes you.

These are some simple signs of smothering, and if you are reading this, then you have likely experienced the unfortunate results of your action. Now that you know what you did wrong, it is time to make some changes and win him back! Visit Get My Ex Back for some great resources on winning back the love of ex boyfriend.

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Did You Smother Your Ex-Boyfriend?

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