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Contacting Your Ex Girlfriend

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When you first try to contact your girlfriend after a break up, you need to have a strategy of what you are going to say. Simply picking up the phone and hoping for the best will most likely lead to regret.

Think about the message that you want to portray to your ex. Was it your fault that she left you? What factors were involved in the break up? Answering these questions will help you target your message appropriately. You need to be able to explain to her how things can be different and what you have done to change the problems you have experienced in the past. If you don’t have any solutions, then you need to brainstorm some before you call. Otherwise you won’t have any answers for the toughest questions.

The success of your dialogue will be influenced by the manner that you present your strategy. Remember to always be positive when talking to her. You need to portray confidence that things have changed and your relationship can succeed. Approaching with a positive tone will ultimately rub off on your ex. She will be less likely to be defensive, and more likely to open up to your suggestions.

Finally, you need to prepare for a long-term solution. Your relationship did not bloom instantly overnight. Rather it was built through a series of fun times and trust-building activities. On that same token, you can’t expect to fix your break up right away. You will have to rebuild the trust and confidence slowly over time. This is why it is important to shoot for smaller goals at first. Work on reestablishing the lines of communication first, then you can start to talk about the future. Fix today’s problems before you tackle your future together.

So in short, think about what you will say to her, portray yourself with confidence, and work slowly. All of these things will help build a successful foundation to get your ex back.

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Contacting Your Ex Girlfriend

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