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Compliment Your Ex Girlfriend

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Sometimes it is the simple things that can go a long way to getting your ex girlfriend back, and one example of this is complimenting them. Breakups tend to occur after the “magic” has worn off in a relationship. You get too comfortable with a good thing and forget to keep the romance alive. But now it is time to spark the flames of passion.

Unless you are Brad Pitt, there is probably very few things you can say in one line to sweep your ex girlfriend off her feet. Instead, you are going to have to start small and build from there. Women spend a lot of time on their appearance and this is where you should target your comments. Hair, shoes, clothes, and jewelry are all good places to start. Try to pick something that is not so obvious. Ideally you would notice a new outfit or necklace that she doesn’t normally wear.

You don’t want to go overboard with the compliments – just something that will make her smile. This is a great way to breakdown her defenses and let you talk without the stress of your relationship problems. From there you just need to get creative. Make her realize that you regret the things that happened and that it is worth her time to give you another chance. It might be a long road, but you’ll be on the right track if you can use compliments to get her talking to you again.

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Compliment Your Ex Girlfriend

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