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Changing Roles to Get Your Ex BF Back

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In every relationship there are roles that each partner plays. When the relationship is going well our roles compliment our partner’s to create a sense of harmony. However, when there is conflict our different roles can become irritating to the other person.

Some examples of roles you commonly see include the caretaker, the money manager, the talker, the listener, and even the cleaner. These are just the obvious examples, but every relationship is defined with some division of responsibilities and actions. Because romance is built upon what we “give and take” from our partner it is important to define your place in the relationship. But what about when things go wrong and your role no longer seems to fit?

Repetition is perhaps the biggest enemy to women are trying to get their ex boyfriend back. The belief that “what worked in the past will work in the future” is not always correct. Men and women change and adapt to their environment, and things your man may have found attractive before may not be as attractive now. This is one of the ways that romances fade. Trying to resurrect love by playing the same role is not likely to make a positive impact on your ex.

If you noticed that your ex boyfriend’s love for you faded slowly over time, it could be a simple case of boredom that led to your breakup. The cure for this is of course change, but even more specifically…changing your role. If you were the passive type then try being more outspoken. If you were perhaps a bit “bossy” then try playing the role of listener. Be honest with yourself when thinking about what role you played when you were with your ex. How can you change your role to satisfy your ex’s needs? Make the right move and you will be surprised at how quickly his attraction to you grows.

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Changing Roles to Get Your Ex BF Back

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