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Captivate Your Ex Boyfriend

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Emotions play the most important role in getting your ex boyfriend back. Too many times you see girls throwing themselves at their man or playing the “hopelessly depressed” role. Yes these are both examples of powerful emotions (passion and sadness) but they are not the ones you want to play with after a break up. You want to bring a more positive approach to the situation.

There is undoubtedly a good reason why he left you in the first place, and understanding what that reason is will help you know what was lacking from your relationship. More than likely it was a combination of things, but it is boredom that made him make the move. All relationships grow tired after a certain point, and unless you do something to spice them up they will eventually burn out. You can attract your man back by showing him there is plenty of excitement left.

Captivating your ex may seem like a tall task when you don’t know where to begin, but the easiest place to start is to think about what attracted you together in the beginning. Ask yourself what made you so irresistible back then? You were probably much more flirty and passionate in the early months. Find ways to work this into your current situation. Of course you just can’t grab him by the neck and take control; you need to set the sparks in motion first. Do this by looking your best and make him notice that you are enjoying life. Keep him at arms length but let him know you are watching. The time will come when you can approach your ex and work your magic.

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Captivate Your Ex Boyfriend

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