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Can You Handle Your Ex Boyfriend’s Affair?

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While this blog focuses on getting back with your ex boyfriend it is important to note that not all situations will be ideal. For some of you this means accepting the fact that your ex bf has been with someone else since you broke up. This might not affect your desire to win them back, but you really should think about how this changes your feeling towards him.

If you have been persistent in getting back with your ex then it is likely you have been going about the mission alone. Meanwhile he has been out with another girl, experiencing new things, and undoubtedly comparing you to her. Yes, you can argue that him coming back means his feelings for you were real…but what has this time away done to you?

Some relationships bounce back stronger after a breakup when both sides realize the grass is not always greener. However, the other possible outcome includes feelings of awkwardness and jealousy. How does it make you feel to know he needed a vacation from your relationship? Can you trust him to stick around this time?

In my opinion these are all important questions to consider before setting out to get your boyfriend back. If nothing else, you need to make him work harder to come back. The key here is playing hard to get as a flirting technique. Guys love a good challenge, and the longer you keep him at arm’s length the more certain you can be that he is in it for the long term.

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Can You Handle Your Ex Boyfriend’s Affair?

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